How To Redeem Your Voucher


Please follow this guide if you have purchased a coupon voucher from ANY of our suppliers and partners including Groupon, Amazon Local, Grabone, Mighty Deals, Sconto, KGB, Living Social, Scoopon, Daily Express, Wowcher or other daily deal companies.

When you purchased your voucher from one of our partners, you would have been sent an email confirming your purchase and given a unique Voucher with a redemption code and/or number.

On your voucher there are instructions on how to redeem your purchase. There will be a redemption link detailed somewhere on your voucher. Please follow the “redemption link” detailed on your voucher. This link will take you to your purchase redemption page on our website. Please fill in your details on your own private redemption page and you’ll be up and running in a few minutes!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we’ll see you inside your course as you join 10,000’s of other Auspicium clients…

To your success!