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Online Hypnotherapy eCourse £474 (inc VAT)

This training has students explore and learn everything you need to know about deep trance phenomenon. You will experience a profound shift in your understanding on the efficacy of Hypnosis and how you too can use your new deeper understanding to transform your own human experience. From banishing phobias and stress to experiencing greater peace of mind.

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Online Life Performance Coaching eCourse £747 (inc VAT)

This Auspicium Life Transformation eCourse has been developed with the sole purpose of guiding you through 33 well defined content rich transformational modules in order to deliver massive personal performance improvements. Including NLP, Personal Coaching and Performance Coaching Training

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Online NLP Practitioner Certification Course £474 (inc VAT)

These NLP demonstrations will enable you to become an outstanding NLPer and includes a comprehensive 160 page manual that guides you through the core elements, methodologies and techniques…

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Online NLP Diploma Certification Course £474 (inc VAT)

Auspicium Online NLP Diploma with lots of bonus material including Radio Interviews on using NLP in Formula 1 racing, Live Phobia Demonstrations on Radio and hours of High Definition Videos and professionally recorded Audio available to download or watch and stream on the go!!

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NLP Practitioner Home Study Kit (CD & DVD Version) £199 (inc VAT + P&P)

This is a professional NLP Home Study series of 16 audio CDs containing over 14 hours of the NLP Practitioner syllabus, plus 2 DVDs containing 8 NLP demonstrations and a comprehensive 160 page manual.

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Business G.O.A.L.S. Accelerator Call for business licence pricing

All successful people set goals. In this workshop which includes a 5 CD series, you’ll discover and learn How to unlock your true potential and develop your corporate goal achieving strategies, effectively.

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