David Key

Head of Training & Research

David Key is quite simply the most dynamic, innovative and sought-after behavioural strategists in the UK. With 28 years of passion, dedication and experience to his name, David’s ever-popular training programmes never fail to produce outstanding results – and ultimately, transform people’s lives!

For the past decade, David has spearheaded the NLP revolution with his highly successful and internationally recognised company, Auspicium Ltd. With his clients, he shares the secrets and raw power of this sometimes misunderstood and yet highly valuable technique. Using his experience, expertise and innovative training strategies, David takes his client’s professional or personal skills to never-before reached heights!

David has been accredited by external assessors from Kingston University and is the first person in the world to be accredited under the new ANLP abridged accreditation process. He is only the 2nd person in the UK in the last 18 years to be personally invited by the President of the ABH, Dr Tad James to become an Internationally Accredited Master Trainer of Hypnosis

David’s true passion is to enrich and invigorate the lives of his clients. In fact, he takes great pleasure in seeing them transform before his eyes. You see, David’s clients often find, once they’ve engaged with his valuable strategies and pioneering techniques, they’re consistently better prepared to overcome all of life’s frustrating and avoidable challenges. What’s more, David equips his clients with the tools necessary to constantly get the best from themselves and those around them.

To achieve this, David regularly runs his complimentary, ground-breaking and highly sought-after Accelerated Transformation Programme, with the goal of transforming more and more lives by taking deep and empowered action. Through this programme, David shares his years of valuable knowledge about NLP, his innovative strategies for eliminating stress and his dynamic methods for transforming emotional wellbeing.

David is currently completing a new book, “STOP SELLING NOW Come to Your Senses” and Sixteen (16) Books on the “Pioneers in Hypnosis” and has created an entire Business NLP Home Study Program, which delivers the power, strategy and countless benefits of NLP straight to his clients.

David’s passion for transforming lives even extends to his Online eCourse, which he launched in 2012.

This ground-breaking eCourse is recognised internationally, as the tool for transformative behavioural strategy. In fact, it attracted over 19,000 paying students from 26 countries all in its first year. However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg for David – he won’t stop there!

He’s passionate about getting the benefits of NLP across to a huge audience, so David has recently created a new goal setting methodology, the NLP PRESENT™ which is featured in his new audio series, Getting On And Living Successfully™.
Over the years, David has been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of clients, allowing him to share his knowledge and expertise to ultimately transform their lives. Here’s what some of his clients have to say…

“David is the best ‘life coach’ I’ve ever worked with. Having headed up the sales and marketing function for a business which employed about 200 trainers I think that’s pretty high praise indeed. He’s inspirational, energetic and all that you would want from a personal or business coach. I spent 7 full days in a room with him back to back and there’s very few people with whom I could enjoy that. Astounding and thank you.”

— Adam Nicoll

“I have completed my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner with David over the past year. It’s had such a clear, positive and dramatic impact on both my personal and professional life. The value of the Auspicium course content combined with David’s engaging, exiting and dynamic training style makes for a great experience and life enhancing journey. I’d highly recommend David & Auspicium as a whole.”

— Sarah Cullis


David has extensive experience in a range of Sales Methodologies including:

  • The Power to Influence
  • Miller Heiman
  • TAS (Target Account Selling)

David is licensed, certified and accredited in the following disciplines:

  • ABH Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy
  • 1st ANLP Accredited Trainer in the World
  • ABNLP Certified Trainer of NLP
  • INLPTA Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Master Time Line Therapist™
  • Certified Master Corporate Coach
  • Thought Field Therapist™ (Advanced Algorithm Level)

Antoni Cain

Head of Coaching & Therapy

Antoni has been working with Auspicium since 2010 and has extensive management experience in the Public Sector. He is an experienced 1 to 1 Coach, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Antoni works with people who have a wide range of presenting issues; although he specialises in dealing with Performance Anxiety. He believes that everybody has the ability to fulfil their potential and achieve much more than their current experience.

Prior to working with Auspicium, Antoni has had a colourful journey through life; from joining the Royal Marine Commando’s shortly after school, training as a draughtsman, junior management in the distribution sector, to 18 years in HM Prison Service leaving as one of the Governors of HMP Pentonville in 2010.

In addition, during this time, Antoni trained as a Mountain Leader and has taken groups into the mountains both in the UK and abroad. He has climbed all the mountains in Scotland and Mt Kilimanjaro.

Antoni is licensed and certified in the following disciplines:

  • INLPTA Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Hypnotherapy Society Certified Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • ABH Certified Trainer of Hypnosis
  • Memory Resolution Therapist

Graham Eyre

Head of Business Development

Graham Eyre is the newest member of the Change Team. Graham has been in the construction industry most of his working life, progressing from working on the tools through to management. He was first introduced to NLP by his nephew Nicky Eyre.

Nicky was a goalkeeper for Tottenham Hotspurs and also played for England at under 16 level.

Nick went to see David Key as he believed he had an issue concentrating for more than 70 minutes, which is a bit of a problem when a match is 90 minutes long! After achieving some great results Nick was so full of praise for David that Graham decided he needed to check out this ‘NLP thing’

Graham started with the introduction to NLP one day course, where he first met David Key. Such was the power of what he was shown that he knew if he wanted to change his circumstances, his personal and professional relationships, working with David was essential.

Graham has now completed his NLP &Hypnosis Practitioner & NLP & Hypnosis Master Practitioner courses which has culminated in him qualifying as an ABNLP Master Practitioner of NLP and ABH Certified Trainer of Hypnosis.

His enthusiasm and new learnt skills have resulted in him becoming a member of the Auspicium team and sharing the power of NLP by promoting David Key and Auspicium with as many people as possible.

The vision to reach out to 1,000,000 people in the next 3 years will be tough but will be worth it!

Ann-Marie Wright

Head of Corporate Training

Ann-Marie has been working with Auspicium for over 2 years and has extensive Corporate experience in delivering training programmes in a corporate environment as well as project managing training events from design through to delivery. She is also experienced in 1-1 coaching and training needs analysis. Her training experience spans a wide range of business areas such as Management, Teams, Sales, Goal Setting, Motivation, Leadership, Customer Services, HR and a wide range of other topics.

Ann-Marie has over 20 years training experience and specialises in behavioural training, training project management, as well as individual and team profiling for personality and intelligence.

Ann-Marie works with groups and individuals across a wide range of clients for both corporate companies and small businesses, with a view to improving performance, relationships and resourceful behaviours. She is passionate about developing others and maximising the potential of individuals.

Before working with Auspicium Ann-Marie worked as a freelance Corporate Trainer and Coach and has previously held the position of Head of Professional Development for a large corporate company in the City of London. She has extensive experience of large Corporates in the Banking sector, Stock-broking, Insurance companies, and Financial Services. Her clients have included, Halifax Building Society, Tesco Bank, NatWest Bank, Lloyds TSB, Bank BNP Paribas and other large Financial Services Companies.

Ann-Marie has expertise in a range of Sales & Behavioural Methodologies including:

  • Thomas International Personality Profiling
  • Intelligence Testing
  • Sales Systems
  • Appraisal Systems

Ann-Marie is licensed and certified in the following disciplines:

  • ITA Certified Trainer of NLP
  • ABNLP Master Practitioner of NLP
  • ABH Certified Trainer of Hypnosis
  • Time Line Therapy™ Master
  • Psychometric Profiling

Simon Davies

Head of Marketing and Strategic Development

With a background of over 25 years in sales and marketing, in a wide range of sectors, Simon has vast experience from direct, face-to-face sales, to online conversion strategies and communication systems.
When we founded Auspicium, our core motivation was to provide world class training, development and experience, with maximum value, in a way which is highly engaging and enjoyable for our clients and students to use.
Simon’s role is to make sure the Auspicium message is found, heard and welcomed by as many people around the globe as possible. We understand that it’s only by communicating clearly and demonstrating the true value of Auspicium’s training and products that we can make the difference for the better, which we are committed to deliver.
So, Simon’s the man who

  • Creates our communication sequences
  • Facilitates strategic product development
  • Oversees enquiry nurture and development systems
  • Masterminds our client creation and value delivery systems